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With the advent of current-day technology, I’d come to the conclusion that we’ve come about as far as we’re ever going to come. I have a smartphone that tells me the wrong time in 24 different time zones, a car that I can start by pressing a button, which drives until it runs out of this black liquid stuff that it came with when I bought it, and a television that has a list of channels that goes all the way to 12. 2020 has completely driven us insane with its technological marvels.

But it was today that I heard about this new innovation that is going to change computer technology in ways we never imagined. No longer will you be required to have to use your Xbox or Playstation console, or that archaic Google Stadia thing. Up until now, you’ve been limited to whatever cartridges you had on you, although if you paid extra you might get the Xbox device with the metal coaster tray, but that was about as technological as things were going to get.

Today, it turns out, the manufactures at International Business Machines (they really need to find an abbreviation for that one day) have invented a device that lets you store both ones and zeros on a piece of plastic, which their in-house scientists have named a “floppy disk.” No longer do you have to keep all of your information in the ROM of your system (the short term memory), but now you can use its RAM (the long term memory) and call up information that you saved previously.

The innovations this might lead to are staggering. Instead of having to tell stories to people in alehouses where you have to memorize the story so you can repeat it the same way over and over again, you’ll be able to write down these stories on a typewriter-like device (although it has no official name yet, it has a board filled with keys, so they’ll probably call it a board of keys, or something like that). But just imagine this: When you finish your day’s worth of writing, you can save all of that material onto one of these “floppy disks” and then bring it up at a later time. It might change the entire process of writing completely.

There are some problems, however, such as the buy-in price of this new technology. But that’s how these things always work. According to Alan Shugart, the designer at International Business Machines who invented this new device, his prototype model will be able to hold a total of 80 kilobytes (KB), but it will eliminate the requirement to use nearly 3,000 punched cards of data. As for the price, it is approximately $400 for the drive and $60 for a box of ten diskettes. For some bizarre reason, this is figured in currency of 1976, although why this is appears to be a mystery.

Either way, this is going to change the world. As soon as I find this company of International Business Machines on the stock market, I intend to invest immediately. I’m not letting the next Amazon get by me like the last time.

Author of Innocent Until Proven Guilty and 15 other novels. Writer, college professor and computer game designer.

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