That Whole Windows 10 Thing All the Kids Are Talking About

So, after about 10,000 notices from Microsoft telling me that my need to upgrade to Windows 10 is necessary to keep the planet from exploding, knowing that the infamous Jor-El might have doomed Krypton by not upgrading to Windows 10 himself, I decided to finally do it on my laptop. I’m not excited about it. And I’m not really anxious to use the new Windows 10, especially considering how every time I hear about Windows 10, it’s because either Microsoft has decided to go all NSA on its customers (recording and using all of their personal information, plus recording everything you do) or for some reason Microsoft decided to only support some drivers (basically whatever drivers that aren’t ones you need to run critical components that use the power of your computer). But I was getting tired of Microsoft “automatically” scheduling yet ANOTHER attempt to install Windows 10 on my computer. So I said fine. Let’s get this over with.

An aside: The last time I said “fine” over this matter, my laptop was incapable of downloading the new install, so the whole process failed. Not a good sign. This time, however, was much better as it didn’t even get to downloading the install file because it was incapable of getting past the “downloading updates” to reach the install phase of Microsoft Failure 2.0.

So, working my way around it, it is now downloading the upgrade (even though the install has downloaded the new operating system about 70 times while it was threatening to just install it without my permission. I guess when I give it permission, it then has to go through and download it again. Again, not a lot of confidence building on Microsoft’s part.

So, I’m now at 68 percent completion of just downloading the install. So, if my operating system gets replaced with Linux by some bizarre coincidence during this install, then I won’t be extremely surprised. A bit amused, maybe, but not all that surprised.

If Windows 10 installs, I look forward to wading through all of the advertisements that Microsoft thinks should now be a natural part of my operating system. I assume it will also delete my windows media player and offer to install a new one for about fifty bucks as well. I so wish to return to the days when you actually had to type C:\ and then “windows” or “win” in order to run Microsoft Windows, meaning it was your choice, not a default setting on your computer. I so miss those days.

Author of Innocent Until Proven Guilty and 15 other novels. Writer, college professor and computer game designer.

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