Please Stop Offering Me Junk Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Duane Gundrum
2 min readNov 27, 2023
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A couple of weeks before Black Friday, my inbox stated filling up with one offer after another. On quick notice, I realized not one offer was anything worth cashing. It was basically a lot of crap.

Office Depot offered the same reams of paper deal it has been offering for the last year. Best Buy wanted to sell me the same tv they sold me last year, plus they offered a Playstation 5 for about the same price a Playstation 5 has sold for since it was released.

Those are just the ones I felt like reading. The rest were amongst the worst garbage sales I’ve ever seen in my inbox. I set up my computer this morning to receive email, went to teach my class, and when I returned, there were 285 emails that were ALL about Cyber-Monday. And not a single one seemed worthy of opening.

It didn’t use to be this way. Years ago, Black Friday was kind of exciting. Stores offered real deals, enough to cause people to get up early for and fight gladiatorial battles with fellow citizens to achieve a Tickle Me Elmo doll at a great deal. Cyber Monday was an office holiday in which you would go online and order what sweet treats stores advertised on their stores as well.

Something seems to have changed, and not for the better. Quite possibly the blame might fall on Covid and quite possibly on simple greed.

Covid is an easy target to blame, and it certainly did take its toll. However, let’s refer to the culprit no one ever really mentions, and that’s the greed of people who want to make as much money as physically possible.

Every one of those emails I received are a direct result of that type of greed. Just looking at the headlines, I can see that none of the “deals” they were offering were the same deals they had been offering all year long. To some people, these deals might appear to be great ones, but to someone like me who follows the ads on a daily basis, some might even appear to be the opposite of great deals.

Which bringss me to the subject today: If stores are going to keep offering crappy deals over special holidays, are they going to ruin the purpose behind all of our holidays, including Christmas?

Imagine, if Christmas is as bad as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Will people start recognizing the greed and just stop buying on Christmas?

Yeah, probably not. But it would be nice to see, wouldn’t it?



Duane Gundrum

Author of Innocent Until Proven Guilty and 15 other novels. Writer, college professor and computer game designer.