I started creating computer games right about the same time that computers became personal. I worked for a number of huge gaming companies during that time, and one thing I can say is that never once did I work on any games that contained violence. Most of the time they were simulations or world-building types of games.

When I started playing online games (not designing them), I always found those games lacking because the one thing practically every game seemed to lack was a sense of mystery. The last game I was involved in designing was going to be filled with secret rooms, chambers and non-stop mystery; the universe would continue to evolve over time, opening up deeper mysteries. But our company was bought out by one of the industry leaders, and the project was immediately folded into a first-person shooter, our whole team collapsed into that division. The whole mystery aspect of the game was shelved.

I stopped designing after that and went into full-time writing instead.

Author of Innocent Until Proven Guilty and 15 other novels. Writer, college professor and computer game designer.

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